Covenant Groups

“It is only in the giving of oneself to
others that we truly live.”

~Ethel Percy Andrus

Covenant Group meeting at Havenwood Heritage HeightsWhat is a Covenant Group?

A Covenant Group is a group of 8 to 12 people who come together once a month to share the wisdom of their life experiences, engage with the lives of others, and explore and experience their own sense of spirituality. We strive for intimacy and ultimacy.

Why do we need these groups?
Our church membership is now nearly 300 people. Our Sunday morning services excite, satisfy, and refresh us. However, there is that part of our nature that thrives on quiet, reflective intimacy, that seeks to know our neighbor better, that seeks to know ourselves better. These groups can supplement the Sunday experience. We currently have 10 groups and over 100 members involved in Covenant Groups. Some of the groups have been in existence for over 6 years while others have formed as the need arose. We welcome all ages. We have members in their twenties as well as in their nineties.

What is a gathering like?
Most groups meet at members' homes, though some meet at the church. The usual length of time is about two hours. The facilitator will read the opening words which help to set the mood for the meeting. There is a brief check-in followed by a discussion of the month’s topic.

We have a range of topics that have been generated by our minister, as well as others that grew from the excitement or interest of a particular group. In the past we have discussed such things as

Afterlife ~ Evil ~  Faith ~  Forgiveness
Fathers ~ Mothers ~ Hope ~  Spirituality

The facilitators will introduce the subject and ensure that each member has opportunities to participate in the discussion. In some groups this role rotates from week to week and in others, the same person facilitates each meeting. The facilitators meet frequently to share ideas, concerns and topics.

Who can join?
Anyone who is interested in getting to know others in our church in a different and meaningful way and is willing to make the commitment to attend meetings regularly. All that is required is that you have been an active participant in our church for at least six months. If you feel you can commit to one meeting a month and would like to participate, fill out the Covenant Group application which is available on the membership table. As new people express interest, new groups will form.

LOVE each other and ourselves
LEARN about the mysteries of our world and our spiritual paths
SERVE our community and the needs of one another
MAINTAIN personal connections and a caring community with and for members of our groups.