Family Ministry

The Family Ministry program was established in 2005 to help parents face the growing demands of raising a family with UU values in a rapidly changing world. 

Our goal is to foster parent to parent interaction, support, and sharing of ideas as we face the challenges and celebrate the joys that go along with raising a family.  In many ways, we want to help our church become a "second family" for our parents and children.  Helping our children develop a sense of community is an important part of our mission.  We want them to develop a shared sense of identity with our church and the values it represents.  We try to provide them with an environment where they can play together, enjoy each other and form bonds.

The Family Ministry Program offers 5 - 6 events during the church year.

Past events have included


Some of our members who do not have children at home have had fun preparing and serving these gourmet meals, making the evenings a truly intergenerational event. 

Child care is provided at the church for all Family Ministry events.
We have many dedicated members of our Senior Youth Group, as well as some wonderful adult volunteers who love spending time with the kids.  The children have enjoyed listening to stories and playing board games with our adult volunteers.

Our Family Ministry Program is still developing and maturing.  Please join us and share your ideas and energy.  Join in and help our church become the place you want to help guide you in raising your family.