Restorative Circles

"Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of creative
alternatives for responding to conflict."
~ Dorothy Thompson

We believe that open conversation and dealing directly with conflict are essential for a healthy church.  Toward that end, Restorative Circles™ are a method for responding to conflict between and among members of our church community.

Restorative Circles recognize three parties to any conflict:

A Restorative Circle brings these three parties together for a structured, facilitated conversation where each person is able to speak and be truly heard by the others in the circle. Then, the participants co-create an action plan for how they would like to move forward.

The facilitator creates and maintains the structure for the conversation, but does not take sides, assign blame/guilt, or mediate the outcome by advising the participants.  Facilitators are members of the church community and have received extensive training in Restorative Circles philosophy and technique.

Members of the Concord UU Church community may request a Circle by emailing